If you love lots of laughs and enjoy staying active, Kante is your guy! Always smiling and super sweet, Kante’s sister Sydney can't help but be helpful and caring to others. Kante is in 8th grade where his favorite subject is science and he has a huge passion for sports. He loves watching and playing soccer and his favorite team is Manchester United. Kante's sister, Sydney, describes Kante as athletic, smart, and funny! He chose his alias "Kante" after his favorite futbol player, N'Golo Kanté. Kante is a quiet youn.......View More
Meet Patrick, Ben, Marcus, and Anna. Patrick is a boy of few words and big smiles. He has a playful attitude and loves to joke and tease you once he opens up to you. Patrick is a huge fan of Kidz Bop music, and loves to play video games, watch television, and hanging outside with other children. Patrick’s mind is always active and enjoys playing games that require a lot of thinking, such as chess, and he will make sure that you know he has made a good move. He also enjoys having movie nights with his family; his favorite.......View More
Meet Oliver and his younger brother, Nolan. Oliver has brown hair and is described as easy going, well mannered, and kind, while Nolan has blonde hair and is described as polite, quiet and funny. These handsome brothers enjoy playing video games, participating in family outings, and staying active. Oliver and Nolan have quite the sense of humor and enjoy watching “Impractical Jokers” and “Ridiculousness.” Oliver also says he enjoys reading and drawing. Oliver and Nolan take pride in their appearance and like putting.......View More
Dajah is a smart, creative and fun teenager who enjoys drawing and reading, and is an A and B student. Dajah has a part time job and is going into the 11th grade for the 2021-2022 school year; she works hard in all aspects of her life. Dajah is a remarkable older sister to Summer. Dajah would like a family that has siblings, so that Summer will not be alone when Dajah goes off to college (which is part of her future plan for herself!). Summer is a beautiful, bright and beaming girl! She can be described as charismatic, .......View More
Sam is a friendly, polite, and articulate boy. He has a creative mind and loves making animations on his tablet! Sam enjoys drawing pictures, watching TV, playing tennis, and swimming in the summer. His favorite movie/TV genres include funny, scary and action. He also shared that riding his bike, playing with friends, and playing football are things he likes to do in his free time. Here is an amazing fun fact: Sam can beatbox to digital music! Victor is a very affectionate, creative, and energetic boy. He loves Sonic, dra.......View More
Welcome to the Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption & Permanency Network
The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) is both a broad-based cooperative effort and a centralized information and facilitation service funded and overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. SWAN includes county children and youth agencies, juvenile court judges, foster and adoptive parents, private adoption agencies, the Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange and many others, all working together on behalf of children who need permanent homes.
The SWAN program serves children in the custody of county children and youth agencies. The design of the network is to support the work of county agencies in expediting permanency services. The children featured in the Photo Album are some of our children waiting to be adopted.
Begin the Process...
There are several forms and publications available for you to learn more about the process and what is involved.
Learn how to get started and what to expect as you become a foster parent or adoptive parent.
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania