Eric is a smart and unique boy who has brown eyes and black hair. He is good at math. Eric is kind and playful with his siblings. He loves building with Legos and playing video games. Eric likes the colors blue, red, and gray. His favorite food is pizza. Eric was asked how he would spend $1,000,000 to which he replied he would give most of it to charity. Eric would like the money to be used to build parks and recreation areas for children in areas of need. Alex is a friendly and engaging boy who has brown eyes and black h.......View More
Jacinto is intelligent, helpful, loves playing basketball, and going swimming. When it is nice outside, you are guaranteed to find Jacinto out enjoying the weather. Jacinto is task oriented, and he has been described as an amazing “problem solver.” Jacinto enjoys some healthy competition, and he enjoys school; his favorite subject is math. Jacinto is a great helper, his excellent math skills always comes in handy, and he enjoys helping out with the outdoor chores. On rainy days, Jacinto enjoys playing the drums, singing, or free-style.......View More
Funny, happy, energetic, friendly, and adventurous. All of these words embody Samantha. She is a talkative and personable girl and enjoys greeting her favorite people with hugs. Samantha’s favorite food is a hot dog with ketchup and mustard and her favorite colors are pink and purple. In her free time, you can find Samantha curled up with a book or playing Minecraft. She has a strong desire to exceed in school and loves showing others when she does well on a test. Samantha requires some assistance with school work in order to achieve .......View More
Meet Hannah and Harrison! Hannah is friendly and outgoing, blossoming when she receives attention from adults. She enjoys being a part of a busy foster family and likes playing with other children. She does well with structure and routine. This type of environment reduces her stress and anxiety, allowing her to be free to play and explore. Hannah attends a pre-school program/daycare where she enjoys playing with her peers and learning new things. Hannah enjoys the attention she receives from her teachers and is learning to b.......View More
LaVonda is a young girl who is shy and quiet. She likes to spend her free time doing independent activities, such as coloring, reading and watching her favorite TV show, My Little Pony. She enjoys playing outside, especially hopscotch and jumping rope. LaVonda often engages her brother to play outdoors with her. In the winter, LaVonda states that her favorite outdoor activities include making snow angels and having snowball fights with her brother. Her favorite colors are pink and purple, and her favorite food is fruit. If L.......View More
Welcome to the Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption & Permanency Network
The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) is both a broad-based cooperative effort and a centralized information and facilitation service funded and overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. SWAN includes county children and youth agencies, juvenile court judges, foster and adoptive parents, private adoption agencies, the Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange and many others, all working together on behalf of children who need permanent homes.
The SWAN program serves children in the custody of county children and youth agencies. The design of the network is to support the work of county agencies in expediting permanency services. The children featured in the Photo Album are some of our children waiting to be adopted.
Begin the Process...
There are several forms and publications available for you to learn more about the process and what is involved.
Learn how to get started and what to expect as you become a foster parent or adoptive parent.
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania