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We have a group of teens who will turn 18 soon and are anxious to have a family adopt them.

They are: Ben C02AB48, Amonae C02AB62,LeBron C02AB68, Aaron C03AA05, Jackie C09AD22, Matthew C14AB34, Michael C20AA76, Blake C21AA06, Liza C21AA25, Terrel C22AA87, S-37 C22CC68, Sarah C25AA97, Melissa C28AB23, Walter C32AA24, Samuel C32AA29, Christopher C36AA97, Ashley C36AB32, Ja'Mone C39AD44, Aaliyah C46AB35, Tyrese C49AB28, Shayaira C51AH31, Jahmir C51AX08, Keisha C63AA48, and Faith C63AA54. They won't be children much longer, but they will always need a family.

Is there a place in your home for them?

Read more about these teens in the Photo Album. Using the Search feature, type in the ID number to find their page.

Make their next birthday a REALLY BIG CELEBRATION!!
Children's Home of Reading (CHOR) Youth and Family Services will be holding its Carnival of Love Matching Event on:

When: Friday, April 21, 2017

Time: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Stay tuned for further information
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania