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Diakon Adoption & Foster Care Matching Event on Saturday, September 12

Diakon Wilderness Center
571 Mountain Road
Boiling Springs, PA 17007

There will be wilderness-based team building and challenge courses, including the center’s high ropes course and 50 foot Alpine Tower! A light breakfast and lunch are also provided. Youth present will be 10 years and older.

In order to participate in the high ropes course, both youth and families will need to have a consent form signed.

Please register by August 28, 2015. Based on the number of family registrations, youth registrations may be limited.

For more information, please contact:

Katie Juliana, LSW
Diakon Adoption and Foster Care
960 Century Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Phone: 717-795-0479
Email: julianak@diakon.org

We have a group of teens who will turn 18 soon and are anxious to have a family adopt them.

They are: James C01AA67, Austin C06AE96, December C06AL72, Dominic C07AA91, Howie C07AC29, Joy C07AC71, Cassidy C08AA43, Jerry C08AB00, Dillon C10AA19, Jeremy C10AA23, James C10AA24, Amber C15AA14, Alisha C19AA02, Jaime C20AA83, Sharon C20AB18, Cassandra C22AC33, Moneise C22CB59, Michelle C26AA04, Sara C29AA13, Dominick C3610218, Allie C37AA32, Michael C39AA03, Anthony C39AD38, Fred C40AA52, Barry C43AA16, Geoff C48AA53, Tahkem C51AJ88, Nasir C51AZ21, Shakeel C5108461, Toby C54AA37, Alex C56AA09, Timothy C56AA15, Ben C58AA34, Darcy C61AA37, Derrick C65AA25, & Christopher C65AA29. They won't be children much longer, but they will always need a family.

Is there a place in your home for them?

Read more about these teens in the Photo Album. Using the Search feature, type in the ID number to find their page.

Make their next birthday a REALLY BIG CELEBRATION!!
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania