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Shari Menichello
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Children's Service Center of Wyoming Valley
335 South Franklin Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA - 18702
Bubba(Age 9)
Meet Kate and Bubba!

Kate is an absolute sweetheart who would like people to know that she is a good person and anytime someone needs help, she is always willing to be there. She would love to either be a singer or work with animals when she grows up. Kate’s favorite subjects in school are social studies and science. School is very important to her and she is most proud of her grades as she works very hard to get all A’s on her tests. Her favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter because she enjoys spending time with family. Kate loves to go to festivals and amusement parks. She also enjoys reading mystery books, swimming, riding her bike, and listening to music. Kate is happy, determined, smart, and active. If Kate could change one thing in the world, she would want peace throughout the world.

Bubba is happy, very loving and sweet. He loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses to those he cares about. Bubba loves to be outdoors, he particularly likes to go to playground at the park. Bubba enjoys swinging high up on the swings and going down the slides. He loves looking at books, retelling stories, swimming, and playing with toys that make sounds and music. Bubba looks forward to school every day. He does well with the routine and structure. As Bubba grows, he continues to make amazing strides in his communication and social skills. His favorite places to go are the local park and Dunkin Donuts.

The ideal family for Kate and Bubba family would be with two parents that are experienced. Bubba would ideally be the youngest child, and Kate would like to have a sister around her age. Both children enjoy being around animals and do well with animals. Kate would love to have her own puppy someday.

Parental rights have not been terminated for Kate and Bubba.

For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Shari Menichello, via telephone or email smenichello@e-csc.org.
Families must have an approved Family Profile (home study) to adopt a child. Only those families with approved profiles will be considered by the child’s caseworker in the county children and youth agency with custody of the child.
The information is given by PAE based solely on the statement of the family that they are approved to adopt. Families in Pennsylvania without an approved Family Profile are directed to contact 1-800-585-SWAN1-800-585-SWAN to pursue an agency in their geographic area. Families living outside of Pennsylvania are encouraged to work with an agency in their state to prepare the profile.
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania