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Jessica Dickinson
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St. Joseph's Center
2010 Adams Avenue
Scranton, PA - 18509
Mark(Age 9)
Meet these two brothers, Ryan and Mark, who are sweet, smart, and kind-hearted! (They picked out their own picture and wanted to make sure you could see the fidget spinner in Mark's hand. They love fidget spinners!)

Ryan is a nice young man, who loves to play with Lego’s, but give him a computer or video game and he is as happy as can be. Although Ryan is on the autism spectrum, he does not let that hold him back as he continues to show progress with social skills with the assistance he receives at school. He has been on the principal’s list for excellent academics and behavior. Ryan shows a positive ability to form connections with people with in his life, but he does like to maintain his personal space. He will be affectionate when he chooses to be, but he likes to be the one to initiate these interactions. He likes watching game shows and playing board games with his family. His favorite foods are chicken fingers, French fries and pizza. He likes to help with grocery shopping and running errands with the family.

Mark is a young boy, who loves drawing, coloring, and electronics. He does well in school, but does need a little help with his reading skills. Mark can be a picky eater, but he is willing to try new foods. Mark is creative and has a wonderful imagination. His favorite foods are pizza and pasta. He likes to play with Legos and action figures. He loves to help around the house.

Both boys are involved in an afterschool program, where they are able to participate in astronomy, food preparation, and chemistry. They love to learn new things. These bonded brothers are looking for a forever family who will be able to keep them together and provide them with the love and support that they will need to thrive. Mark and Ryan are close to their birth family and are seeking a family who will be supportive of on-going contact with birth family in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ryan and Mark are not legally free for adoption, however when a permanent resource is identified, the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights.
Families must have an approved Family Profile (home study) to adopt a child. Only those families with approved profiles will be considered by the child’s caseworker in the county children and youth agency with custody of the child.
The information is given by PAE based solely on the statement of the family that they are approved to adopt. Families in Pennsylvania without an approved Family Profile are directed to contact 1-800-585-SWAN1-800-585-SWAN to pursue an agency in their geographic area. Families living outside of Pennsylvania are encouraged to work with an agency in their state to prepare the profile.
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania