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Dana Chattin
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Abigail(Age 5)
Annabel(Age 3)
Hunter is a very happy and curious little boy who has light brown hair, blue eyes, and is often seen with a smile on his face. Hunter has been diagnosed on the autistic spectrum and receives support in school. He is nonverbal, but will repeat one syllable words. If Hunter needs something, he will take your hand and lead you to what he wants. He understands rules, limitations, and follows directions. Hunter’s foster mother describes him as intelligent, loving, caring, and very gentle. She says he enjoys eating and will try all different foods. Hunter enjoys going outside and running around in the grass. He also likes watching television – his favorite movie is Disney’s “Cars.” Although he does not initiate play with others, he will play alongside them as well as watching others play video games.

Abigail is a happy little girl who has strawberry-blonde hair, big bright greyish-blue eyes, and a contagious smile. Like her brother, Abigail is on the autistic spectrum, nonverbal, and will repeat one syllable words. Abigail attends full-day child care and enjoys parallel paly with the children and interacting with her teachers. Since attending childcare, she continues to learn new skills. She understands directives and listens well. Abigail does become upset when she hears loud noises or is in a large crowd. Abigail enjoys playing independently with her toys, especially her Disney characters. Abigail’s foster mother describes her as sweet, playful, loving, and very patient. She is a good eater and will try all foods, except hot dogs.

Annabel is a sweet, playful toddler who has strawberry-blonde hair and greyish-blue eyes like her sister. She is full of energy and likes to stay in motion. Annabel enjoys playing with all different toys and loves receiving attention. She likes having stories read to her, doing little art projects, and singing and dancing to music. Annabel attends full-day child care and enjoys interacting with the other children. She loves playing outside and going to the park with her classroom friends. Annabel’s foster mother describes her as playful with a huge personality, intelligent, and a child who listens well. Annabel is a good eater and hasn’t found a food she does not like.

The children will do well in a forever home with one or two parents who can give them unconditional love and provide structure, support, and stability. They need a family who understands the challenges of autism spectrum disorder and who has the time and patience to work with all the children.

Presently, Hunter is in a different foster home than Abigail and Annabel, although the goal is to have all three children placed together. The children share a very close bond and enjoy their bi-weekly visits with each other.

Hunter, Abigail, and Annabel are legally free for adoption.
Families must have an approved Family Profile (home study) to adopt a child. Only those families with approved profiles will be considered by the child’s caseworker in the county children and youth agency with custody of the child.
The information is given by PAE based solely on the statement of the family that they are approved to adopt. Families in Pennsylvania without an approved Family Profile are directed to contact 1-800-585-SWAN1-800-585-SWAN to pursue an agency in their geographic area. Families living outside of Pennsylvania are encouraged to work with an agency in their state to prepare the profile.
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania