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Angela Phillips
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theVillage Services
6517 Chester Avenue
West Philadelphia, PA - 19142
Jeremah(Age 11)
Elijah is a typical boy, who enjoys being active. Although he definitely has a preference for football, he likes playing all sports. He would like the opportunity to play on an organized team. Elijah likes being outside in the fresh air and exploring the community; however, he does enjoy playing video games, too. Elijah has a fondness for superheroes, so don’t be surprised if he asks, “Who do you think is better?” There is no wrong answer, but be prepared to explain your choice. This is what makes Elijah open to new ideas as he enjoys exploring other people’s thoughts. Elijah also remembers the little things about a person that others may overlook or take for granted. Elijah is far from being shy and can connect with people quickly. He is an affectionate child and expects big hugs from the people he knows.

If you are looking for Jeremah, he is probably outside playing basketball, riding his bike, or playing a game of football with the neighborhood kids. Jeremah doesn’t have time to sit and talk. If you want to have a conversation with him, start shooting hoops or jump on a bike, and he will talk your ear off. Yes, he likes video games, including the “old school” arcade games. Anything that allows him to be active and competitive, he will try within reason of course. If you really want to know what he is thinking or wants, Jeremah is not afraid to give you his two cents worth. Jeremah is a thinker and is starting to learn how to take the appropriate amount of time to fully process his thoughts before reacting. He values relationships, especially with his siblings. Jeremah is very social and interacts well with others. He is the kid, who everyone knocks on the door and asks if he can come out to play.

Elijah and Jeremah would do best in a family, who will provide them with love, support, consistency, and structure. They would do well in a home with a strong and active male role model, where there is no younger children or children with special needs.

Elijah and Jeremah are legally free for adoption.
Families must have an approved Family Profile (home study) to adopt a child. Only those families with approved profiles will be considered by the child’s caseworker in the county children and youth agency with custody of the child.
The information is given by PAE based solely on the statement of the family that they are approved to adopt. Families in Pennsylvania without an approved Family Profile are directed to contact 1-800-585-SWAN1-800-585-SWAN to pursue an agency in their geographic area. Families living outside of Pennsylvania are encouraged to work with an agency in their state to prepare the profile.
Tom Wolf, Governor / Commonwealth of Pennsylvania