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Support Groups

The Support Group unit of service helps build relationships, forms a community of mentoring, provides education and offers socialization and recreational activities for families and/or their children. Support groups provide families with the opportunity to share with others the difficulties and successes of adoption or providing permanency to a child. Information on a variety of support groups is offered for both the adoptive parents and the adopted children. This service is designed to ensure that families are supported by providing relevant information to families and utilizing professional and paraprofessionals for group leadership and childcare.

Families self-refer for SWAN Post-Permanency Services by calling the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-7926.

Disclaimer: Not all support groups are SWAN funded groups and individuals should check with the group/SWAN to determine if they participate

Support Groups are listed alphabetically for each county. Select a county from the drop-down list box below.

GroupNameGroup CityCounty Name
Pittsburgh Adoption Support GroupPittsburghALLEGHENY
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